CPE Transparent Film Line

This line can produce multi-layers co-extrusion CPE high transparent packaging film, using LLDPE, MLLDPE, LDPE and HDPE etc.

Features of Machine

1、Screw use special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, gurantee better plasticizing. Match the long-acting screen changer, extend the machine running time, reduce fisheyes and dirty point efficiently, reduce the change times.

2、Fully automatic adjustable die and auto control thickness controller by APC, on-line detect film thickness, auto adjust die.

3、Thin cover cooling forming roller, using special spiral runner design, gurantee the consistency of film forming in high speed.

4、Equipped with negative pressure double chamer vacuum box and static edge locking system, which gurantee film melt stably.

5、High stable corona treatment device, low fault rate, can change direction as per requirments, treating the film front and back side.

6、Film edge can be recycled on-line, reduce the production cost.

7、Double-station rotating-disc type winding system, have both central and contact winding function, auto cut, auto changing roll. Equipped with multi-step auto tension control system, which gurantee the stable tension during production.

8、According to machine width and requirements, can equipped with on-line slitting function, directly wind the finished film roll, no need secondary slitting, can save labor and work time.

Features of Product

1、The conventional thickness of the CPE film is 0.025-0.16mm, because the usage of the CPE is widespread, the final use width is different, generally in the majority with the width 2400 mm and 3200 mm, slitting to different width according to requires;

2、 CPE film with high transparency, low haze; and good flexible, good cold resistance,especially suitable for refrigerated packing.

3、 CPE film with good heat sealing performance because of the low orientation.

Main Applications of Product

1、CPE film laminated base material: it can laminate with BOPA、BOPET、BOPP etc. heat sealing and  bag making, used in food, clothing, knitwear, office documentsand other fields;
2、CPE single-layer printing film: printing-heat sealing-bag making, used to the roll of paper bag packaging, paper towels independent small packaging etc;
3、 CPE protection film: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, fluorine carbon plate, mirror board, fire-proof plate , decorative plate, organic glass plate, PS, PE, PVC sun plate, aluminum alloy profile, plastic steel profile, doors and windows, security door, label, coated glass, senior furniture,  senior artware, electrical cabinet, computer shell, household appliances shell, instruments and meters, car lamp, floor and all kinds of fields which needed to protect the appearance of products.