Sales service

Huabao machinery is have a warm, professional, rigorous, high-quality technical support and service team, guarantee the supply of spare parts, has a modern, professional full operation and maintenance tools, rich on-site installation, commissioning and training experience, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system certification and CE certification requirements. To strengthen the quality management and control, timely to provide product consulting, ordering, logistics and order fulfillment status.
We have 24 hours of free service hotline: 0311-85196313/13630822766, provide timely troubleshooting and spare parts supply service to customers, and provide a full range of technical support. And according to the different needs of customers, for each customer tailored professional service solutions to meet the needs of the customer's daily production, relieve worries.
If you need to know more about our machinery, if you need to train your machine operator, if you need to replace the parts, if you have a mechanical failure, or mechanical properties you can't meet your factory production requirements...... And so on all aspects of machinery, plant layout and logistics handling any problems, please contact us.
We are professional and strong technical service network are ready to provide you with advice and services, and provide one-stop service for you: pre-sales technical comprehensive solutions, equipment installation, commissioning and training, spare parts supply and maintenance, maintenance services, emergency service, service equipment modification, and provide professional training service.
Pre service
All kinds of technical problems with patience and timely answer customer put forward, to provide information and analysis, comprehensive production cost market forecasting, plant layout and design techniques offer tailored solutions for customers; personally invite customers to plant inspection, mechanical quality, size and strength; end customers and lead customers to visit the factory, we design the operating condition of the machine and the field of infrastructure, to allow customers to understand and learn the production experience, to lay a good foundation for their actual production.
Sale service
Provide one to one customer order follow up service, let the customer know the order in time, and solve the problems in the process of ordering. The factory all raw materials and parts are strictly, each process set the quality control index of each machine production records and quality inspection records have perfect preservation, in order to ensure the integrity of quality records; all our quality inspection departments on the quality of products issued by the approval certificate and customer acceptance permit before each machine factory; we offer our customers is a turnkey project, responsible for packaging, transportation, installation and acceptance will be borne by our company, and provide project management services.
After-sale service
Every machine to send engineers to the site for installation, commissioning and training of technical guidance; customer complaints or product quality problems, or installation design problems encountered in the process of using, we have to solve in the shortest time; if the customer through their own efforts still can not solve the problem, we will send engineers again to the scene to assist, timely troubleshooting, to ensure that customers can not delay the production, delivery of production orders.