TPU Laminated Glass Film Line TPU High Transparent Sheet (Shoe Material) Line

This line is designed for producing TPU laminated glass film and high transparent sheet mainly with special TPU granule and other additives.
Features of Machine
1.The specially-designed high efficiency plasticizing screw with the advanced productive technology can effectively eliminate the gem.
2.The line is equipped with touch screen and PLC, with specific anti-sticking treatment, unique winder, which is convenient and safe.
Characteristics of Product
1.Compared with PVB and EVA laminated glass film, which has better cold resistance(-50℃) and chemical resistance (waterproof anti-aging), double useful life, better anti-UV property with other auxiliary material.
2. It can be directly used for national defense bulletproof laminated glass after laminating with other bulletproof material.
3. Regular thickness is 0.3-0.5mm, can be used for top-grade automobile laminated glass film
instead of PVB material completely.
4. Also it can produce high transparent TPU film or sheet without water ripple, good flatness and transparency.
Main Applications of Product
1. Construction industry: upper laminated glass, anti-theft laminated glass.
2. Automobile industry: TPU laminated glass film for automobile, outer protective film for automobile or airplane.
3. Commodity industry: garment, shoes, sports equipment in water, umbrella, handbag, leather handbag, leather suitcase, tent etc.
4. Other industries: fire fighting and military affairs etc.

The specific specification can be made according to customer’s requirement.