Corporate culture

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Spirit: Solidarity, Dedication, Diligence, Innovation
Enterprise Slogan: HB Machinery, Create national brand, Share with the world.
Development Concept: High starting point, High speed, High efficiency.
Work Concept: Practical and realistic attitude, Disinterested and high efficient style, Leading consciousness, Never yielding and brave to shoulder heavy burdens.

Business Concept
Make market research with global concept, Integrate market with linked concept, Judge market with long-term concept, Validate market with benefit concept.

Management Concept
Promote unified action with ideological unity, Promote quality with action, Promote management with quality, Promote efficiency with management.

Employment Concept
Entrust with an important task by moral; make every staff become talent by appropriate employment; the survival of the fittest, the development of the strong; pay attention to incentives for outstanding contribution.

Service Concept
We work for your satisfaction heartedly.