Four-shaft PVC Cling Film Line

This line is designed for producing self-adhesive PVC cling film by extruder with PVC resin powder and several kinds of additives.

Features of Machine

1.With the special design of PVC special die and extrusion forming process, it has high stability and high passing rate at the high speed production.
2.Its embedded slitting unit can make the film get different width and length, without the procedure of rewinding.
3.The specially-designed roll change unit with fixed-length cutting-off and contact roller unit can make the film get more flat surface and tidy end face.
4.Compared with 2-shaft winder and 3-shaft winder, the most advanced 4-shaft winder with the highest automation is auto paper core loading, auto roll unloading, auto roll changing, auto air exhaust, with less workers, high automation and efficiency, and no tape winding. Especially, the whole process of roll change is fast and short, suitable for quick change of less meters of cling film such as 150-200 meters per roll, as well as jumbo roll of cling film such as 8000 meters per roll.

Features of Product

1.The production adopts raw materials with harmless to health and environmental protection. The film has high tensile strength, good anti-fogging drop performance, high transparency and good surface glossiness.
2.The commodities packaged by this film could keep original characteristics and glamour, more beautiful. The film can keep freshness of food, prevent the loss in quantity, dry and taste mixing, and be safe and hygiene
Main Applications of Product
It is widely used for packaging and storing vegetable, fruit plate, cold dish, compote, raw ripe meat, flour goods and so on in supermarket, guesthouse, restaurant, bakery and household etc.