Five-layer Co-extruded PE Cling Film Line(Four-shaft Winder)

This line is designed for producing self-adhesive five-layer PE cling film by extruder with LLDPE and several kinds of additives.

Features of Machine

1This line can be equipped with fully automatic die and fully automatic thickness control with APC system. The high automation can improve the precision of the product.

2The winding unit is the most-advanced Four-shaft winder with the highest automation, with touch screen operation and PLC control. Also it is optional with electrostatic system for film winding to the paper core when each winding begins and no needadhesive tape on the paper core, saving material and labor cost.

3Equipped with safety protection switch of light curtain correlation, and the cutter unit has the double mechanical andelectrical protection to ensure personal safety when machine working.

4Comparing with two-shaft winder, besides automatic cutting and changing, three-shaft winder has the advantages of automatic paper core loading, automatic finished rolls unloading, no tailing, less operators, high speed, high automation and high efficiency.

Characteristics of Product

The PE cling film produced by this line is anti-fog, rainproof, dustproof, anti-loose, self-adhesive, high tensile strength and goodpuncture resistant. It is safe, environmental, healthy, reliable, nontoxic and harmless, up to standardGB10457-2009 Hygienic Standard for Polyethylene Products for Food and Tablewares Packingand in accordance with National Quality Control Standard and International Environmental Hygiene Standards.

Main Applications of Product

It is widely used in wrapping cooked food, raw food, meat, vegetables, fruits and seafood in household, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, food factories and so on.