CHINAPLAS2021丨Quality creates value

Chinaplas 2021

2021Chinaplas ended perfectly at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The 2000mm double four-axis eight-station winding system on display is equipped with a robot on-line production, boxing, and palletizing stretch film production line. The on-site production line produces 11um stretch film at a high speed of 600m/min. Excellent product quality and unique The innovative concept has once again promoted the development of the casting industry and has been favored by professional merchants at home and abroad.

Looking back at the scene, it seemed that the voices were still full of voices. During the 4 days of the exhibition, the booth of Xinle Huabao attracted countless exhibitors. The little partners of the sales department will always stand on the front line, with a passionate working attitude, superb business ability, and mature negotiation skills. We greeted guests from all over the world in a courteous manner, fully demonstrating Huabao's professionalism. The amount of orders signed on the spot reached more than 50 million.

While reaching cooperation agreements and intentions with many customers, they also conducted friendly exchanges with their counterparts through this exhibition, made many new friends, learned about the new market in the casting industry, broadened their horizons, and gained a positive attitude towards Xinle Huabao. Future development will also bring new opportunities.

The feast of the world is endless, 2021 Chinaplas has come to a successful conclusion, let us look forward to the arrival of the next Chinaplas, and we will meet again in the coming year!