Hebei Huabao Suji Co.,Ltd. was ranked 73rd in Shijiazhuang Top 100 Enterprises

On November 28, the 2020 Shijiazhuang Top 100 Enterprises Conference organized by Shijiazhuang Enterprise Federation and Shijiazhuang Entrepreneurs Association was held in Yiling Health City. Hebei Huabao Suji Co.,Ltd. ranks 73rd on the list of top 100 enterprises.

The release of Shijiazhuang Top 100 Enterprises is based on the requirements of the China Enterprise Confederation by the Shijiazhuang City Federation of Enterprises. According to international practices, the ranking is based on operating income as the short-listed index; the economic analysis of the top 100 companies is conducted in terms of ownership, industry distribution, and geographical distribution. Comprehensive analysis to objectively evaluate the development trend of the enterprise. The release of the top 100 enterprises list is a great promotion to the further in-depth development of large enterprises in Shijiazhuang and to give full play to their exemplary and leading role.

The evaluation of the top 100 enterprises in Shijiazhuang City has received great attention and support from the relevant leaders of the China Enterprise Association and the municipal party committee, the municipal government and relevant municipal departments. The inclusion of Hebei Huabao Suji Co.,Ltd is a recognition of the brilliant performance of Huabao Group in 2020. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Huabao Group fulfilled its corporate mission, actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, and shifted its focus to the production of medical protective clothing, isolation clothing, breathable film production lines, glove film production lines, etc., which are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control, to overcome difficulties and transform Upgrade and increase production to support and serve the overall situation of national epidemic prevention and control.

In the future, Huabao Group will continue to uphold the development concept of "high starting point, high speed and high efficiency", never forget its original aspirations, shoulder a stronger sense of social responsibility, and continue to forge ahead in the new era to contribute to the economic development of the provincial capital.