[Innovation / Breakthrough / Development / Win-Win] Huabao Group 2018 Summary Commendation and 2019 Welcome Party Succes

Awards Ceremony

Bai Yunliang, secretary of the party committee of the group company and chairman of the machinery company, made the "2018 Work Summary of Huabao Group"

Advanced Worker Award, Advanced Collective Award, Labor Model Award, Outstanding Contribution Award.

Annual model workers, advanced collectives, advanced individuals and outstanding contributions to employees, thank them for their hard work in the work, every effort, everyone sees in the eyes, in mind.

The winners speak

                  Wonderful review of the welcome party

A low-key and luxurious annual meeting ended, everyone felt the unity in the laughter and laughter, but also filled the strength of hard work. The Lunar New Year is an important moment for family reunion. Everyone worked hard for a year in the company's hard work. The company also hopes that the younger partners will be able to accompany their families at the end of the year. Thank you for your support!