[Set Sail 2018] Huabao Group Company held a grand "2017 summary commendation and the new year party in 2018 had cam

Huabao Group in in Huabao Products company held a grand "2017 summary commendation and 2018 new year party". Huabao Group chairman and general manger Mr. Chen Zengguo, Group vice-general manger and Huabao Machinery Company general manger Mr. Ma Guoliang, Group vice-general manger and Huabao Plastic Product Company general manger Mr. Zhao Qingxin, the party secretary of Group Company and Machinery Company manager assistant Mr. Bai Yunliang, the party vice-secretary of Group Company and Machinery Company manager assistant Mr. Ma Shuchen, Medical Product Company chairman Mr. Yangmian, general manger Liu Hongpo, Plastic Film Company general manger Mr. Liu Junqi and other leaders, model workers, advanced individual, Advanced collective representative and all employees more than 2000 people attended the meeting.

Commendation Meeting

一.Work Summary

Bai yunliang--Group company secretary of the party committee、machinery company manager assistant did the speech《Huabao group 2017 annual report》,Yangmian--chairman
of the medical company did the speech 《The notice of Huabao group to carry out the 2017 annual model workers,advanced workers,advanced collective learning》

. Advanced worker award    Advanced collective award   Model worker award  Outstanding contribution award

So outstanding you, thank you for your hard work, diligently, make our family more powerful, it is all worth learning example.Our company because of you,
we can have long-term development,and stand first on the list.

.Winners speak

Time to witness,life likes a song,Toughness and courage are the best interpretations of success,Applause and honor are the best compliments to the hero.

.Chairman's speech

Chairman Chen highly summarized the Group work in 2017 and scientifically assessed the past year as a steady year of development. He confirmed the diligent and dedicated work attitude of all staff. He also accurately pointed out the problems in the work. We should use this as a driving force, continue to promote unity and dedication, innovation and pragmatic spirit, with practical action to promote the development of Huabao Group, writing a new chapter for the Huabao Group history!

Welcome New Year Evening wonderful review

In the cheerful dance "Colorful", the annual performances opened. HB-Machinery, HB-Products, HB-Film, and HB-Medical Company brought a series of brilliant performances, including dance, songs, essays, crosstalk and musical instruments, respectively, highlighting the energetic, vigorous and united spirit of Huabao people ,  dedicated to a double hearing from the visual feast for the guests on the scene!

The lucky draw during the New Year party which bring a warm atmosphere,the scene of the shouts and screams, the winner could not suppress the laughter ... set off a wave of orgasm. The lucky draw not only to thank employees for their hard work for a year, but also to bring good luck to everyone.

2018,New beginning, new journey We will make every effort to innovation.
2018, New yearning for a new height we will be determined to make progress.
This year's hard work will eventually result in a festive ceremony next year.
2018, I believe it must be an extraordinary year!

Huabao machinery wish all the people a happy new year !