“The 3rd Special Cast Film Line Technical Exchange& demo Show 2017” successfully concluded.

On 12th April the 3rd Special cast film technical exchange and demo show 2017 successfully concluded, which held by China committee of plastic cast and Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd., directed by China Plastics Processing Industry Association and supported by Xinle City People’s government.

The Specialist,Scholar and industry representatives totally about 450 persons from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang etc attend this meeting.

This meeting can be described as the peak of the dialogue between the plastic industry, which must collide wisdom sparkle to speed up the industry spanning development and push the cast film machine to continuously forward development. 

In the afternoon,  all attendees visited the machinery running from Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

In the evening,we held grand appreciation dinner at Triumphal Arch Jianguo Hotel in Shijiazhuang.

The Dinner party proceeds in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere, With warm applause, Mr. Ma song a peking Opera Shajiabang Passage”The motherland never to yield” for all the guest in passion, which push the dinner toward climax again.

We wish all the guest to happily spend this Heibei trip ang get gains, In this meeting as an opportunity to deepen our feelings and promote each other to let the friendship forever.

The time to together always passed quickly, there are only have together, we are looking forward to meet with you next time!