High-speed Cast Stretch Film Line (Newest Four-Shaft)

This line is designed for producing single/double-side self-adhesive three-layer/five-layer/seven-layer stretch film by extruder with LLDPE and several kinds of resins. This line also can produce high quality silage film after using the special formula and technology. In addition, it also can produce high quality rust-proof stretch film for metal wrapping, and anti-static stretch film with high anti-static performance.

Features of Machine

1.With multi-layer co-extrusion technology, it is more flexible and mature in raw materials usage and low formula cost to meet with different customers’ requirements.
2.The loading of raw material adopts auto dosing and mixing system, which ensures the formula preciseness and accuracy, reduces the inaccurate formula caused by worker, reduces the worker cost and ensures the product quality.
3.According to the customer request, online longitudinal stretching unit can be installed for producing ultra-thin stretch film.
4.The winder adopts advanced no tape auto film winding. The traditional way is to wind the tape on the paper core surface to stick the stretch film during roll change, in this way, the film is easy to be stretched and distorted, poor winding in the beginning, further effect the surface quality, and each film roll has some waste in use. But this kind of auto line saves tape cost, labor cost, time cost and film waste etc.
5. The obvious differences with the traditional stretch film line is to adopt the newest 4-shaft winder with 90° roll changing, high speed, no tailings and short cycle time. It is suitable for both 3” core and 2” core, can produce hand roll of 2kg and machine roll with high speed, which greatly reduces the procedure of rewinding, rewinder cost and labor cost. If we calculate as 4 rewinders per year, it will save more than USD40,000 per year only for the labor cost.
6. In the future, all the large-scale professional packing film enterprises are moving to high capacity, low energy consumption and automatic intelligent development, in replace of low capacity, high energy consumption and high labor intensity. So this line is the first choice of professional stretch film producers in the future.

Main Applications of Product

1.PE stretch film can be widely used in wrapping of palletized goods. It’s a good substitute for hot shrink packaging film.
2.The silage film can silage forage feed to winter without the climate effect, so it has high economic benefits and become an important part of modern animal husbandry. The bale silage grass is a new storing method, which can keep the water of forage feed, improve the nutritional value, make high digestibility and energy, store and stack effectively, transport conveniently, reduce the feed lost and save the cost.
3.Rust-proof stretch film can be formed insulation layer to avoid rust and aging in the metal surface.
4.Anti-static stretch film can prevent the concentration of electrostatic charge in the surface of the film, avoid making dust adsorption area.